Historic Blairstown Theatre

Lively New Jersey has plenty to offer residents and tourists alike. From the fantastic coastal fun at the Jersey Shore to the casinos and gambling in Atlantic City, New Jersey is a state that certainly doesn’t lag behind with entertainment offerings. If you’re into online casinos or gambling in New Jersey, you will have plenty to see and do here! One of the greatest attractions – and sources of local pride – is the Historic Blairstown Theatre, which is also a huge draw for tourists.

About the Theatre

The theater is a warm, intimate place that offers a superb environment to see shows and other high-quality productions. It has a newly revamped lobby with awesome snacks and wine, and the staff are always friendly and ready to make sure you have a great time. They put on a variety of shows and often air older shows for those crowds eager for familiar favorites.

Whether you’re into big Broadway musicals or interesting smaller shows, you can find it all at the Blairstown Theatre. This attraction is a real boon for North Jersey; in fact, a lot of people come to Blairstown to visit the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, fly fish, breathe in the country air and more – and then top it all off with a visit to the theater!

Friday the 13th!

One thing that put Blairstown on the map – besides being a destination close to some of the best gambling in New Jersey – is that many scenes from the classic horror movie “Friday the 13th” were shot in and around town. The Blairstown Theatre Festival made headlines in 2007 when they decided to screen the chilling film in Roy’s Hall, the theater that actually appeared in the movie – lucky viewers naturally experienced an extra-chilling, realistic thrill.

Other Blairstown Hits

“Friday the 13th” isn’t the only film classic that’s been screened at the festival. Attendees have also enjoyed movies like “Casablanca,” “A Night at the Opera,” “Gone with the Wind” and “The Court Jester” in the historic setting of Roy’s Hall. Excellent live entertainment also happens regularly at the New Jersey casinos close to Blairstown. For outstanding live entertainment specific to past festivals, residents have been treated to a concert by singer Nancy Anderson, a performance of the play “Love Letters,” and a cabaret featuring KT Sullivan, John O’Neil and the Western Wind Vocal Ensemble.

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