Friday the 13th – A Epic Horror Movie Filmed in Blairstown

Introduction to Blairstown

Blairstown, a small township in the New Jersey, United States, is famous for its impeccable natural beauty. Blairstown is the home of a bunch of popular tourist destinations. Avid travelers from all around the world regularly visit this area in order to enjoy its sumptuous natural attractions and heritage landmarks. Apart from that, this Warren county is pretty famous among the horror film fanatics – the passionate admirers of an iconic horror movie – Friday the 13th. Are you also a classic fan of this horror film series and you wish to visit the places where this film was actually shot? Well, if yes, then this small town will be a perfect destination for you! Now, keep reading in order to discover more important details about this town in conjunction with the film – Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th – An Epic Horror Movie

As mentioned in the earlier section, Friday the 13th – A movie filmed in Blairstown and its surrounding areas. The movie was filmed in a quiet rural village of this scenic Warren county, New Jersey and many of the scenes of this famous movie were filmed in this small town. Starting from the theater to the Main Street, the camp was efficiently used for the cabin & camp scenes. Other than that, the theater & other popular landmarks are prominently featured in this film. That’s why the horror film fanatics often flock into this area and conduct small tours to the local filming locations.

Top 4 Movie Locations

In this section, you will reveal a glimpse of top 4 movie locations of “Friday the 13th”. Note, all of these movie locations are based out of Blairstown.

1. Bridge – The very first shot of this movie captures a small bridge where one of the main film characters – Annie is crossing it. As of now, that bridge has undergone a few alterations. However, the basic structure of it still remains the same.

2. Arched Walkaway – In this film, you will find Annie is heading towards the Old Mill that has an arched walkway. The best part is – that building & its arched walkway are still present in Blairstown.

3. A White Building – Another recognizable shot when Annie is asking for the directions to the Camp Crystal Lake can be still found in Blairstown.

4. Blairstown Diner – This is the famous diner where Steve Christy (another film character) has spent an evening. For the passionate Friday the 13th fans, this site still continues to open and proudly welcomes you for a quick visit.

The Final Verdict

“Friday the 13th” introduced the world to a masked killer, Jason Voorhees. If you are among those enthusiastic audiences who want to revive the scenes of this iconic horror movie, then don’t forget to visit this place!

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